The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt 

Ghost Stories, History and Legends, Cemeteries, Battlefields

            Hunt for Ghosts using our real K2 EMF meters



Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience 

The Ghost Tour at Night

                                                       The Ghost Tour at Night

Advance purchase required! Book online now!

The Ghost Tour at Night, in the City of Savannah, takes on an entirely different ambiance after the sun sets. It's as if the moss curtain has lifted and the stage lights come up onto a unique and beautiful scene. The history and legends of her past are the players and you are the audience. You can almost feel the presence of our ancestors as they drift past on their nightly errands. Come and experience what we call "The Savannah Chill"!

Let the Savannah Ghostwalker Tour guide you to your private showing as Patrick "The Ghostwalker" directs the various acts that unfold before your very eyes! Hear for yourself The Savannah Ghost Stories. Become a "Ghost Hunter" during The Ghost Tour at Night. Use our real K2 EMF Meters to find Paranormal Activity and experience what I call, "A walk down the the Past Lane".

Broughton Street when the Ghosts come out!
Johnson Square when the Sea Fog rolls in!