The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt 

Ghost Stories, History and Legends, Cemeteries, Battlefields

            Hunt for Ghosts using our real K2 EMF meters



Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience 

Photo Gallery Pictures Taken by Our Guests

Everybody loves to look at paranormal evidence and The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour gets it ! Charge up your cell phone and take lots of pictures on your tour with us; because we get orbs and strange lights all the time! Perhaps you may even catch a photo of a full bodied apparition. It Happens!

We provide real K2 EMF meters for you to use while on your tour, to assist with your search for that elusive orb. Be a Ghost Hunter for the night and help us search out the paranormal activity all around our "City of the Dead". 

Your Tour Guides, Patrick or Jason "The Ghostwalkers", know where the documented Haunted Sites are and will lead you to them while sharing the history of how they got that way. Don't miss your once in a life time opportunity to be a "Ghost Adventurer" and capture some Paranormal Evidence to take home with you!