The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt 

Ghost Stories, History and Legends, Cemeteries, Battlefields

            Hunt for Ghosts using our real K2 EMF meters



Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience 

Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour

Orbs Drift Down the Streets of Savannah
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Taking Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour is on everyone's "To Do" list while in Savannah.

Patrick "The Ghostwalker" is the one you want to spend your time with. Patrick 

is a Savannah local; and he has spent the time researching the haunted history of Savannah and her people. He knows the haunted places and secret cemeteries you have come to see. Hear the The Savannah Ghost Stories that made Savannah one of the most Haunted Cities in America. See where and why all those "Ghost Shows" come here!

The Ghostwalker will show and tell you where the true events occurred; the actual events that forged Savannah. He talks about it all and what others don't  mention; "That Peculiar Institution of Slavery" and "VooDoo" practices in Savannah.  

If experiencing Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour is on your bucket list. Patrick at Savannah Ghostwalker Tours will help you cross it off while you are still on this side of the grass! Nevermore than "15" guests on this tour.

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