The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt 

Ghost Stories, History and Legends, Cemeteries, Battlefields

            Hunt for Ghosts with our real K2 EMF meters



Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience 

Advance purchase required! Book online now!
Visit several desecrated cemeteries with "The Ghostwalker"

"Who you Gonna call", When You need a Savannah Ghost Tour? 


  Use our real K2 EMF meters and Hunt for Ghosts 

  with Jason or Patrick "The Ghostwalkers".


  Only "15" tickets available tonight!

  Let's Hunt some Ghosts!

:  Hey, Every ghost tour in Savannah is trying 

    to sell 60 tickets per tour!  OMG Crowded!

    Only "Ghostwalker Tours" Guarantees you an 

    uncrowded experience! Nevermore than "15".

    Hear Savannah's rich History and Legends spoken

    by "A Ghostwalker"!


    We Provide Real K2 EMF Meters for you to Hunt Ghost with 

    while on Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour!

2:  Be careful and don't let some other Tour Company

    "Pack" you into a mob of 60 drunks.   

    Check their reservations calendar and 

    see how many tickets they are selling

    for each tour, (30-60)! 

    Please see the picture below!    

3:  Walk with a real "Ghostwalker". 

     We are The Ghost Tour at Night Guides of Savannah. 

     Walk in a guaranteed small group each night.  

     Advance Reservations are required for 

     The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour  

     and Ghost Hunt. 

     Real K2 EMF meters Provided for you to use!

     Please book early for your journey to 

     The Hauntings of Savannah GA.

4:  Hear the History and Legends of Savannah GA 

     as well as The Ghost Stories told

     by "The Ghostwalkers". Hunt with Jason or Patrick for

     Paranormal Activity during The Ghost Tour at Night.

     I provide real K2 EMF meters for you to use during

     the tour and hunt as we explore The Hauntings together. 

Experience what we call "The Savannah Chill"

during your walk "Down the Past Lane" with

Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour.                                  

The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour

This is The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience ! 

Considered the Best, not Crowded like the Rest. 

Only "15" tickets available each night. Please Book Early to Reserve your place.

The other Tour Company's Groupon Special

This is The Other Tour Company's 

Groupon Speciality! 

"Packing your Tour" for their profit and your misery. Is this how you want to spend your evening in Savannah?

 Save yourself from this and walk to The Hauntings with "The Savannah Ghostwalker" 

  in a small semi-private group, never more than "15".