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The Ghost Stories

                                                       The Ghost Stories

The Ghost stories, Savannah Ghostwalker Tour has them. You can't hardly walk down the street at night without feeling like "something" is watching you. Many a night I have been standing out in front of one of our haunted sites, while on tour, and a local resident will walk by and tell us about The Ghost Stories in their house.

One of my most "chilling" personal experiences was last fall, late at night, while walking back to my car. The sea fog had rolled in blanketing the city. As I walked south on Abercorn Street past Colonial Park cemetery; I heard boot steps with heel plates, like a civil war soldier would wear, coming up behind me. My "situational awareness" kicked in and I looked over my shoulder to see how close this other person was to me and if they were gaining on me.

In any fog you can usually see a few yards around you. I could not see anyone out to a distance of at least 25 feet, but the footsteps were gaining on me.  I picked up my pace and turned a corner, and backed up against a wall to let "this other person" walk by. My curiosity peeked, wondering if one of the "civil war re-enactor" tour guides was heading home. I thought I would jump out and give him a good scare.

I heard the footsteps approaching and I prepared to jump out with my best "shriek" to scare the unsuspecting fellow.... No one walked by!! I saw the mist swirl in front of me, as if "something" had moved by. I did not see anyone or "thing" pass!  I felt a cold shiver run through me, and I had no desire to move from my place until I was sure "it" was gone.  The footsteps receded off into the distance and I know that I heard a faint laugh as it departed. "Whatever" it was,...... the joke had been on me.

Many books have been written about all the "Spirits and Hauntings" in Savannah; and if you have the time, I can "walk" you for  hours around town telling The Ghost Stories and never cover them all. What's more fun is to stop by "McDonough's Tavern" late at night after  all the tours have run; and sit down and listen to the the ghost stories the other "Tour Guides" tell of their encounters! Let Patrick "The Ghostwalker" take you there.

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