The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt 

Ghost Stories, History and Legends, Cemeteries, Battlefields

            Hunt for Ghosts using our real K2 EMF meters



Savannah's Finest Ghost Tour and Ghost Hunt Experience 

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Customer Testimonials

5 Stars on

"Walk and be Wowed"

If you ever find yourself in the historic city of Savannah you must go on a tour by Ghostwalker Tours! Patrick McDonald is an amazing guide! He's is a walking history book and extremely knowledgeable of the paranormal. You'll see some incredible buildings, photographs of odd things, hear jaw dropping stories, and get to use K2 meters that were spiking off the charts at several locations. One of the best ghost walks I've ever been on and I do a lot of them!
                                                                         13z50 (Brent)

5 Stars on

"Excellent way to spend an evening in Savannah!"

"We had Patrick as a guide and he was AWESOME!  Our group happened to be the only one that showed up that evening and it worked out to our benefit. He mentioned that we were able to do more because we could move quickly. The tour was excellent. He took us all over town, gave us the history, the paranormal history, and even answered our tourist questions, (favorite bar, good seafood, etc.). We took a trolley tour the next day and were struck by how much more detail we got from the Ghost Tour. Check it out!

                                                                 DustinLS,  Brentwood Tennessee

5 Stars on

"Absolutely Amazing"

First of all I would like to say that I love Savannah. I think we all know that some of the ghost tours have a tendency to embellish on old stories and gossip that may or may not be supported by any factual occurrence. If you are looking for an experience of historical value and accuracy then this tour is the one for you.

Patrick was outstanding, extremely knowledgeable, and we were very impressed with his demeanor and gregarious personality. Who knows if you're lucky you may actually see some of the pictures that we took on your tour! And Yes, we actually did experience a ghost encounter and captured it on film. We could not account or explain what showed up in photos the next day after out tour with Patrick; but we do know it is open to interpretation.

We know what we saw and Patrick showed us where. He is the real deal!

                                                                        Thomas  S. (Scout3175)

5 Stars on

"Patrick was an Excellent Tour Guide"

We thoroughly enjoyed our ghost tour with Patrick McDonald. He was very knowledgeable about the history of Savannah, which made our tour very enjoyable. Very personable, humorous and fun to be with. It was an awesome tour. We were very lucky to have him for our tour guide.

                                                 Linda A, Hutchinson Kansas


5 Stars on

"Great Tour and Guide"

Awesome tour! Patrick is knowledgeable about Savannah and her history, and he knows how to make it interesting. He gave the tour humor, and set the perfect pace. His customer service is A+, if he can't pick up the phone, he calls you back very quickly. Great tour at a steal for a price.

                                                                               Linda S.